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Rough Time Of The Day
Random let out a soft sigh as she was busy typing away on her laptop of one of the oneshots she promised her followers on Wattpad. But she had gotten too many replies because of an RP she accidentally started many months ago. She gently rubbed her temples then looked at her now empty cup that used to have Coke in it. Random yawned but continued to type away wanting to get it done faster ignoring every notification she got on her phone from the replies she got from the only person she was rping with at the moment. Once she was done with yet another draft. She then stood up then picked up the empty cup and walked downstairs to get a refill. Once she was downstairs she walked to the kitchen to get another Coke. Once she was in there she grabbed a handful of ice then put it in the cup and proceeded to get another coke and poured into the cup of ice and began walking upstairs. Once she was up there she sat down back at her desk and began typing again while taking a sip from her drink every
:iconrandomfoxgirl:Randomfoxgirl 0 108
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Mature content
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She does look better that way by Randomfoxgirl She does look better that way :iconrandomfoxgirl:Randomfoxgirl 1 14


Mama Isn't So Scary|Tattletail x Child!Reader
"Ugh...can you just be quiet for a little while, please?!"
"Give me a treat! Brush me!"
"Shhhhhhhhh." You hushed Baby Tattletail, though it was pointless as he kept whining about his stomach and his messy fur.
It came to be very clear that he did not understand the gravity of the situation you were in: The Mama Tattletail was in the house somewhere, ready to kill you when you least expected it, and here he was complaining about food?!??
"Mama won't be happy about this.."
"Maybe she will be if you just keep quiet while I try to find what you need!" You glared at Baby Tattletail. He didn't say anything else as you went to the kitchen to get him some treats. Then you took the brush that was sitting on the sofa and quietly headed back to your room.
'Finally...' You sighed, shining your flashlight in case Mama was in there. When it was all clear, you went in, shutting the door behind you. Wiping the cold sweat from your forehead, you turned off the flashlight and put your
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 94 45
Little Devil Darling|Bendy x Cartoon!Child!Reader
"Papa! Look! I'm actually playin' the banjo!"
Bendy glanced over, a wide smile on his face as he watched you play one of his instruments, happy as can be. "That's fantastic, toots! Keep on strummin'!" He cheered you on.
Nodding, you continued your little jig, giggling as Boris entered the room and almost immediately began dancing to the music. 
"They've sure been a lot happier ever since we brought [y/n] to life, eh?" Henry asked Joey. The two men sat at a nearby table, smiles present on both of their faces as they observed the scene before them.
Joey nodded. "Yeah. Also it's a good idea we decided to make [y/n] Bendy's son/daughter. It'll let parents be able to connect with the characters, too.....though my only concern is when people are gonna start askin' who the mother is?" He chuckled, while Henry just shook his head.
"I think as long as they make the audience laugh...they could care less."
"Hey, toots."
You hummed in response, looking up to see your father. "Hello
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 115 33
Bendy And Boris by IrishHeartARoxas15 Bendy And Boris :iconirishheartaroxas15:IrishHeartARoxas15 66 3 BABTQFTIM x Flowerfell Crossover by IrishHeartARoxas15 BABTQFTIM x Flowerfell Crossover :iconirishheartaroxas15:IrishHeartARoxas15 16 2 It's Snowing Outside (Flowerquest Bendystraw) by IrishHeartARoxas15 It's Snowing Outside (Flowerquest Bendystraw) :iconirishheartaroxas15:IrishHeartARoxas15 14 2 Little SCP-049 by Retortpouch-2015 Little SCP-049 :iconretortpouch-2015:Retortpouch-2015 344 82
yandere!underswap!Sans x reader
You and your friends (friend 1) and (friend 2) were walking through the snowy woods by the Ruins, just talking and making jokes. However, you would feel like you were being watched... You shook off the thought and looked over at your friends, a smile on your face. You laughed a bit as they told about some story about...well you weren't sure, since you weren't paying much attention.
"hey y/n! you alright? you keep spacing out over there!"
"hmm? y-yeah! I'm alright!" You smiled at them.
"AH THERE YOU ARE Y/N!" you heard a familiar voice call out to you. You smiled as you realized who it was.
"oh hey Sans!"
"should we go..?" (friend 1) asks.
oh don't worry, you will be gone soon enough... Sans simply smiled and hugged you. You giggled and hugged back, not noticing the glare that he sent towards your friends.
"u-uhh... I-I really think we should go..!" your friends then took off. You pout slightly but shrugged it off. Sans looked at you and smiled. You smiled slightly.
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 46 102
yandere!Underfell!Papyrus x reader: can't escape
Running... that's what you've been doing for about a couple hours now. what are you running from, exactly? well, not what, but who...
"Oh, Y/N~ You're not going to escape me! You can't escape," his laughter filled the air around you, making you shiver. You hid somewhere you were absolutely sure he wouldn't find you. for the time being, you go back to how this all it started...
~Flashback time!~
You were at Grillby's with Sans, the two of you chatting and occassionally cracking jokes, which the both of you laughed at. You and him were pretty close buddies now, almost inseperable. You hang around Sans more than his brother for a couple reasons.
one, he did want to capture you/he wanted you for your soul. two, he kinda scared you. three, he has threatened to kill you more than once. So you normally stay away from the taller skeleton brother. Plus, there was another reason you've been keeping your distance from him... Papyrus has been acting more.. different, more than usual
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 82 136
Cute acquaintance by Drakana666 Cute acquaintance :icondrakana666:Drakana666 59 12 Baked bones by zarla Baked bones :iconzarla:zarla 3,780 772 Karakara-ing on by zarla Karakara-ing on :iconzarla:zarla 3,962 650 WHAT WAS THAT by zarla WHAT WAS THAT :iconzarla:zarla 4,144 658 I mean why else would you do that by zarla I mean why else would you do that :iconzarla:zarla 2,661 330
Prince [Child!Levi x Abused!Child!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
You never believed in fairytales. You heard a few of the neighborhood girls whisper among themselves of whimsical tales and stories of beautiful princesses, of handsome princes on white horses rescuing their loves from fates worse than death. Where they conjured up so fantastical nonsense, you were unsure. As you wandered the infested alleys of the slums, reeking of death, filled with the cries of the tortured and dying, and as you gripped your arms, decorated with purple and red, you knew no such things existed.
Last night was the final straw. Your deadbeat father once more shuffled into your home at the ungodly hours of the morning, the stench of alcohol wafting off his person.
Everything blurred after that. Glass shattered. Large hands pulled and tugged at your scalp, nearly ripping the skin from your skull. Your heart nearly stopped.
“Run, baby!! Run!!”
The screams of your mother ech
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 260 125
Pocky by FukuroMami555 Pocky :iconfukuromami555:FukuroMami555 48 7 Sans X Undyne Doodles 2 by FukuroMami555 Sans X Undyne Doodles 2 :iconfukuromami555:FukuroMami555 56 13
Boris: Henry! What does 69 mean? Bendy won’t
tell me!

Bendy: *Turns around in a cartoonish way*

Henry: Well pure one! 69 means!-

Bendy: HI-YA! *kicks him away*

Boris: O_O

Bendy: *Hugs Boris’s head and starts petting it.* Shhh, the bad man’s gone now…

Boris: ._.


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